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About the Conference

Both users and security experts love passwordless authentication methods like Apple’s Face ID and Touch ID, Microsoft’s Windows Hello, and FIDO2 security keys (e.g., YubiKey). What do these technologies have in common? All of them provide a better user experience and higher security than password-based authentication. And most importantly, they all implement the same family of standards, i.e., FIDO2 and W3C Web Authentication, and can thus be used by any web application, including yours.

To help .NET developers to get on the fast track to passwordless authentication, we decided to organize a hybrid conference on FIDO2 and W3C Web Authentication.

If you are a .NET developer, join our one-day hybrid conference Update Days: Passwordless (online or in-person participation) to learn how the passwordless authentication can be implemented in .NET applications. Expect deep-dive information, best practices, and cool demos.

Hybrid Event

The event takes place on September 30, 2021 in Comfort Hotel Prague City East. Address: Bečvářova 14, Praha - Strašnice.

You can also attend the conference from your home via live-stream broadcasting on the Update Now portal.

Interactive Live-stream

You can ask questions during the live-stream. The speaker will answer during or after the session, and other participants can engage in the discussion as well.

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Session recordings

You can watch recordings of all sessions from the conference on the Update Now Portal. The recordings will be available immediately after the conference, and you can access them for an unlimited period of time.

Available immediately after the conference
Available for an unlimited period of time

Speaker & Sessions

All sessions will be presented by Michael Grafnetter, expert on security in IT and Microsoft MVP. During 6 technical sessions in English, he will explain all issues related to modern authentication on real-world examples.